Label Branding Solutions

Color-P Apparel Branding Solutions is to serving the apparel brands worldwide. For every apparel accessory and item in clothing, we ensure global consistency in production and service. Each brand,each customer,each set of label products, we will do into our database to ensure that whenever you place an order, we can provide the same quality and service to you from start to finish. The advantages of efficiency,quality and price will be our continuous pursuit of "Made in China" stardand and we will build on these advantages to become a world-class branding solutions company.

  • Custom Printed Garment Product Paper Hangtags For Clothing Brand Tags

    Hangtags & Cards

    Hangtags are the most easily spotted accesorries on the clothes,and carefully read by customers.Hangtags not only have the fuction of introducing basic garment information and also show the quality,taste and the strength of your brand.


  • Custom Printed PET Tagless Heat Transfer Clothing Care Labels for Garment

    Heat Transfer Labels

    Heat transfer labels are tagless, which makes them popular in the apparel industry, as these labels create a clean, finished look on any product,and give customers a better wearing experience.

  • Custom Satin/Cotton/Tyvek/Canvas and etc. Printed Labels for Clothing

    Printed Labels

    Printed label is one of the most commonly used label types.There are lots of different kinds of ground materials can be used for printed labels.And what calls special attention is that different kinds of substrates require specific equipments like silk screen,flexo order to achieve best printing effects.Of course we are full equipped,and all the quipments are state of the art.

  • Custom Polyester Satin Woven Labels For Bags Garment Shoes Hats Etc.

    Woven Labels

    As a large category of labels,woven label is one of brand’s most favorite label categories.Because of its unique texture,it is used in many products,such as clothing,purses,luggage,rugs,towels,toys,promotional item,bedding and more.

    Soft woven labels,especially fine denier like 100 denier,or satin woven label,bringing woven labels vintage and high quality texture and enhancing brand image.

  • Custom Self Adhesive Circle Laminated Paper Sticker Printing Round Logo Rose Gold Foil Labels

    Self-Adhesive Labels

    This is a seemingly simple label category, which is mostly applied to boxes and packages. We are using sticker which are the best brands on the market like “3M” “Avery”. Of course, if you can accept Chinese brands, we will use the best quality domestic stickers which bring more advantage prices to make adhesive labels for you.

  • Patches


    Color-P offers different patch types with different backings and borders for your selection and make your patches distinct.

    Custom your perfect patch from our huge selection! Patches are the perfect way to add personality or brand expressions to any garment or accessory and are luckily affordable and easy to apply!

Packaging Branding Solutions

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