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Custom Polyester Satin Woven Labels For Bags Garment Shoes Hats Etc.

As a large category of labels,woven label is one of brand’s most favorite label categories.Because of its unique texture,it is used in many products,such as clothing,purses,luggage,rugs,towels,toys,promotional item,bedding and more.

Soft woven labels,especially fine denier like 100 denier,or satin woven label,bringing woven labels vintage and high quality texture and enhancing brand image.

Create new marketing opportunities to engage customers and strengthen brand loyalty using Eco-friendly materials.

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Custom Polyester Satin Woven Labels For Bags Garment Shoes Hats Etc.

lf there's only one option to combine an excellent source of luxury and durability, it must be woven Label. They are a lifetime guarantee of the garment brand identity.Custom woven labels from high-definition printing inks to eco-friendly yarns,Color-P offers woven labels in a wide range of specifications and makes our woven labels a sophisticated and natural touch.

Dyeing, Weaving and Cutting
we have large and specialized yarn reserve. However, there will still be a color mismatch, we will take environmental-friendly dyeing process of the yarn. Woven labels are in 50 or 100 deniers weaved from thread and not embroidered on to ribbon, to realize more achievable designs and sizes. Your text and/or logo are weaved on the most modern looms and cut through ultrasonic or laser tech.

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Satin Woven Labels
lf you're looking for something soft with a luxurious sheen that has a vintage look,you might be interested in satin woven labels. Satin threads are great for formal wear, lingerie, and baby clothes.Satin only comes in black, beige, and white background threads and because of its translucency the logo color can tint the background color.

Wide specification selection
Our dedicated sales team will guide you through the creative process every step of the way, from designing the custom woven label through to the finer details of production and the logistics of where you need the finished product to be. Your woven labels can be as intricate or as straightforward as you like - and you can experiment with different end fold, miter fold, loop fold or heat-sealed patch finishes to develop something that suits your brief down to a T.

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Key Features

Take your branding one step further.

Frbric Material Folding Methods Border
  • Polyester
  • Satin
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Damask
  • Taffeta
  • Straight Cut
  • End Fold
  • Center Fold
  • Center End Fold
  • Manhattan Fold
  • Mitre Fold
  • Die Cut
  • Laser Cut
  • Merrowed Border
  • Hot Cut
  • Ultrasonic Cutting
  • Stitch Border

Creative Services

We offer solutions throughout the whole label and package order life cycle that distinguish your brand.



We believe your brand is the single most important asset to your business -whether you are internationally-recognized or a new start-up. Well assist a just-right look and feel on your labels and packages or make any necessary tweaks to ensure it matches all printing specs.Make the perfect first impression and accurately express your brand philosophy.


Production Management

At Color-P, we're committed to going above and beyond to provide quality solutions.-lnk Management System We alwaysuse the right amount of each ink to create a precise color.- Compliance The process ensures the labels and packagesmeets pertinent regulatory requirements even into industry standards. Delivery and Inventory Management Wel'l help planout your logistics months in advance and manage every aspect of your inventory. Release you from the burden of storageand help manage the labels and packages inventory.



We're there with you, through every step in the production. We are proud of the eco-friendly processes from raw material selection to print finishes. Not only to realize the save with just-right item on your budget and schedule, but also strive to uphold ethical standards when bringing your brand to life.

Sustainability Support

We keep developing new types of sustainable labels that meet your brand need

and your waste reduction and recycling objectives.


Water Based Ink


Sugar Cane

soybased ink

Soy Based Ink

Polyester yarn

Polyester Yarn

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton





Crushed stone

Crushed Stone





  • Bring our decades of experience into your label and packaging brand designs.