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Custom Printed Garment Product Paper Hangtags For Clothing Brand Tags

Hangtags are the most easily spotted accesorries on the clothes,and carefully read by customers.Hangtags not only have the fuction of introducing basic garment information and also show the quality,taste and the strength of your brand.


Whether you are looking for FSC-certified or non-wood papers, string, seal,or ribbons for your hang tags, we always have the right options to match your brand's needs and sustainable direction.

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Custom Printed Garment Product Hangtags For Clothing Brand Tags

Hangtags are the most easily spotted accessories on the clothes, and carefully read by customers.Hangtags not only have the function of introducing basic garment information but also show the quality, taste, and the strength of your brand.

This is a great opportunity to show the customer what kind of brand identity you've established. A well printed tag will bring this across with clear images and appealing materials.At Color-P we can take a great design and bring it to the consumer with full color prints, and materials so appealing, customers will find them so appealing they'll hesitate to throw them away.

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There's no single way to get your design right, but it's widely known that customers respond to creative hang tags. Don't let your message get lost in a mess of shoddy printing and unattractive paper that consumers will be eager to toss. We're the label manufacturers that know how to get hang tags right. Just contact us now.

Key Features

Printing your brands stories for your customers to read.

Material Customize After Processing
  • Bamboo Paper: Made from bamboo canes which is a sustainableand renewable alternative material
  • Stone Paper: Made from crushed stone which is recyclable.lt's durable and can withstand water, grease, and dirt
  • FSC Papers: Kraft paper, Specialily Paper, Cardboard·PVC, fabric, leather , metal ARE available
  • Cutting and Shaping
  • Embossing and Debossing
  • Indentation, Convex/Concave, Punching
  • Laminating: matt lamination,gloss lamination, silk lamination
  • Metallic Foiling: foil stamping, metallic pms printing, copper die

Creative Services

We offer solutions throughout the whole label and package order life cycle that distinguish your brand.



We believe your brand is the single most important asset to your business -whether you are internationally-recognized or a new start-up. Well assist a just-right look and feel on your labels and packages or make any necessary tweaks to ensure it matches all printing specs.Make the perfect first impression and accurately express your brand philosophy.


Production Management

At Color-P, we're committed to going above and beyond to provide quality solutions.-lnk Management System We alwaysuse the right amount of each ink to create a precise color.- Compliance The process ensures the labels and packagesmeets pertinent regulatory requirements even into industry standards. Delivery and Inventory Management Wel'l help planout your logistics months in advance and manage every aspect of your inventory. Release you from the burden of storageand help manage the labels and packages inventory.



We're there with you, through every step in the production. We are proud of the eco-friendly processes from raw material selection to print finishes. Not only to realize the save with just-right item on your budget and schedule, but also strive to uphold ethical standards when bringing your brand to life.

Sustainability Support

We keep developing new types of sustainable labels that meet your brand need

and your waste reduction and recycling objectives.


Water Based Ink


Sugar Cane

soybased ink

Soy Based Ink

Polyester yarn

Polyester Yarn

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton





Crushed stone

Crushed Stone





  • Bring our decades of experience into your label and packaging brand designs.