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Color-P Apparel Branding Solutions is to serving the apparel brands worldwide. For every apparel accessory and item in clothing, we ensure global consistency in production and service. Each brand,each customer,each set of label products, we will do into our database to ensure that whenever you place an order, we can provide the same quality and service to you from start to finish. The advantages of efficiency,quality and price will be our continuous pursuit of "Made in China" stardand and we will build on these advantages to become a world-class branding solutions company.

  • Custom Satin/Cotton/Tyvek/Canvas and etc. Printed Labels for Clothing

    Printed Labels

    Printed clothing labels are for care content labels required by the government and an assortment of other custom clothing labels branding needs. Materials that can be printed on are satin both single and double-sided, linen, custom dyed fabrics, natural cotton, coated fabric, slit edge polyester, woven edge polyester, twill tape, and flat combed cotton.
    There are several different kinds of printed label possibilities. We can make offset, inkjet, laser, silkscreen, thermal, computer-generated or letter flex-press (flexo) labels.

    Satin printed labels are great for t-shirts, infant clothing or lingerie because they are very soft and silky in texture while retaining its shape. The satin material has a sheen that can add elegance to your product. Satin clothing labels are also excellent as care and content labels due to its slick background that helps print very small detailed lines and letters.

    Cotton printed labels have naturally frayed edges creating an authentic look. Dark color ink is preferable as any light or pastel color ink can appear lost in the natural beige background color. Please discuss with your sales rep the kind of look or style you want to achieve.

    Tyvek Printed Labels are most commonly seen on pillows and furniture items, such as sofas, chairs or mattresses. Tyvek is a paper-like thin material, flash spun high-density polyethylene fibers, a synthetic material. You can also find Tyvek printed labels as care labels on the side seams of some casual garments.

    We have many different types of materials to choose from – including luxurious satin – and can print on black or white material. We will offer visual templates for you to approve before production and can send samples first if needed. Please feel free to ask a member of a sales team for more information regarding the different types of printed labels and washcare labels we offer.

  • Custom Polyester Satin Woven Labels For Bags Garment Shoes Hats Etc.

    Woven Labels

    Clients who choose a woven clothing label are often looking to bring a sense of classic, hand-crafted workmanship to the items they manufacture. Our custom woven labels come in 50 or 100 denier. Woven labels are weaved from thread and not embroidered on to ribbon, therefore the desired size and colors of your woven labels are much more achievable. Your text and/or logo are weaved on the most modern looms. We offer the following cut & folds: hot cut, end fold, loop fold, and miter fold. If you have sizes you want to put on the label, they can either be incorporated onto your main label or you can purchase separate woven size tabs to add to your main labels.  These can be ordered in black with a white letter or the reverse.

    If you’re looking for something soft with a luxurious sheen that has a vintage look, you might be interested in satin woven labels. Satin threads are great for formal wear, lingerie, and baby clothes. Satin only comes in black, beige, and white background threads and because of its translucency the logo color can tint the background color.

    Set your brand apart with custom woven labels that are guaranteed to add a sophisticated touch to your goods. From custom woven labels and high definition printed materials to recycled, eco-friendly yarns, Color-P offers woven labels in a wide range of qualities and specifications, allowing you to pick and choose the features that best fit your brand image. Our dedicated sales team will guide you through the creative process every step of the way, from designing the custom woven label through to the finer details of production and the logistics of where you need the finished product to be. Your woven labels can be as intricate or as straightforward as you like – and you can experiment with different end fold, mitre fold, loop fold or heat-sealed patch finishes to develop something that suits your brief down to a T.

  • Custom Printed PET Tagless Heat Transfer Clothing Care Labels for Garment

    Heat Transfer Labels

    Heat transfer labels are tagless, which makes them popular in the apparel industry, as these labels create a clean, finished look on any product,and give customers a better wearing experience.

    The heat transfer tags use flexographic ink and are Pantone color matched. They are silk screened onto a clear vellum backing and come pre-cut and ready to apply. Heat transfer labels are best on sporty t-shirts, athletic wear or baby items like newborn bodysuits. The heat transfers are easy to apply using a regular household iron or an industrial heat press (recommended for best results).

    Heat transfer labels for clothing are made using a silk screen process. The image – your design – will transfer onto paper or clear mylar in sheets or rolls. These tagless labels can adhere to most natural and synthetic materials. When ordering, please make sure to know the exact fabric they will be placed on. By providing us with this information, we can produce transfer labels that hold up to the washing process. We can also give you application instructions by knowing the material ahead of time.

    There are a variety of heat transfer labels offered by many manufacturers. It may be difficult and confusing to search for the right one. To start the search for right transfer label, you need to know your fabric composition (content). Not all transfers label are the same and work the same. Some require higher heat and more pressure to adhere while others require the garment to be preheated in order to work properly.

    Heat transfer labels are very durable and can withstand dozens of wash/dry cycles without fading, cracking or splitting. Any type of design can be made as a heat transfer. No commercial grade equipment is needed for the application process, just a simple household iron will be sufficient for most types. For specialty transfers, high volume orders and faster processing, a commercial heat press is recommended.

  • Custom Printed Garment Product Paper Hangtags For Clothing Brand Tags

    Hangtags & Cards

    Hangtags are the most easily spotted accesorries on the clothes,and carefully read by customers.Hangtags not only have the fuction of introducing basic garment information and also show the quality,taste and the strength of your brand.

    Hang tags are not simply for brand information purposes. Custom hang tags add value to your clothing and product line by strongly identifying your brand and products on display in a sophisticated, professional way. Color-P Label can create professionally customized Hang Tags, Product Tags, Luggage Tags, Distressed Hang Tags, and Specialty Tags for all companies starting from small start-ups to large corporations.

    If your goal is to sell your items in boutiques or department stores, then you should have Hang Tags to brand your products and give your company name recognition. Most department stores and boutiques will not buy your garments or items if they are not fully branded and tagged professionally. When it comes to creating original Hang Tag designs, the sky is the limit! Hang tags can be creatively produced with customized shapes, materials, colors, finishes, thicknesses, folds, and much more.

    This is a great opportunity to show the customer what kind of brand identity you’ve established. A well printed tag will bring this across with clear images and appealing materials. At Color-P we can take a great design, and bring it to the consumer with full color prints, and materials so appealing, customers will find them so appealing they’ll hesitate to throw them away.

    There’s no single way to get your design right, but it’s widely known that customers respond to creative hang tags. Don’t let your message get lost in a mess of shoddy printing and unattractive paper that consumers will be eager to toss. We’re the label manufacturers that know how to get hang tags right.Just contact us now.

  • Custom Self Adhesive Circle Laminated Paper Sticker Printing Round Logo Rose Gold Foil Labels

    Self-Adhesive Labels

    Adhesive labels AKA sticky labels, or pressure sensitive labels can be manufactured from paper, polyester, vinyl or other similar materials. The adhesives we use can either be long-term (permanent) or temporary (removable).

    So what’s the difference between pressure sensitive labels, self-adhesive labels, stickers or other similar terms?Honestly, they all really mean the same thing, so don’t let the semantics fool you. We’ve done research to try to find out why there are so many names for the same product. We can’t find anything online or anywhere else to explain this. So what is the reason that there are so many synonyms for the same exact use? Our opinion is that they were made up marketing terms to be able to sell labels in different ways.

    Whether you need barcode stickers, price stickers, beautiful foiled or laminated branded stickers, food safety seal stickers, or hygienic acetate stickers specifically designed for use in swimwear products, Color-P has the capabilities to produce all kinds of custom self-adhesive labels quickly and at a low cost.

    Our in-house team can print your custom adhesive labels in as many colours as you require, and these products are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. We also produce 3D dome labels, which will elevate the look and feel of your items with some extra tactility.

    Our self-adhesive labels and branded stickers can include a brief description of the item, a simple bar code to help you keep track of your stock, or a clear price label. However, you can get a little more creative with your self-adhesive stickers if you want to – they can be developed further to include added promotional information and even basic company graphics.

    We work hard to ensure that all orders placed for printed self-adhesive labels are fulfilled quickly and efficiently, with maximum attention to detail. And if you are working to a tight lead time, you can take advantage of our priority ordering service, which will usually ensure your labels are with you in 24-48 hours.

  • Patches


    Color-P offers different patch types with different backings and borders for your selection and make your patches distinct.

    Custom your perfect patch from our huge selection! Patches are the perfect way to add personality or brand expressions to any garment or accessory and are luckily affordable and easy to apply!

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