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Color-P has a deep thinking about packaging, not only to meet the needs of customers for design, but also to do a lot of things in the back that can not be seen. Expect the design and quality can catch customers at first sight, reliability will be the key to leave a long-term good impression on customers.
In addition, environmental protection and sustainable development have been rooted in the concept of Color-P. Whether paper packaging or plastic packaging, we will continue to study and use better environmental protection materials, to make a contribution to sustainable development.

  • PE PET Plastic Custom Printed Polybag&Mailers For Clothing Apparel Packaging


    Color-P designs and produces a wide variety of Poly Bags;plain or printed up to 8 colors.These bags can be finished with adhesive re-sealable/re-closable flaps,sealed locks,hook and loop,snap,or zip locks;with or without gussets.For peg hanging,bags can be supplied with different styles of hangers or just a punch hole.A wide variety of materials including PE,PET,EVA, and other polymers are available in different thicknesses, with clear or laminated finishes.

    Constructed of variable plastic resins, poly bags are most often waterproof and offer some degree of protection against chemical or other environmental assaults.

    Strength, durability, tear resistance, thickness, transparency, flexibility and reactivity can all be made to suit a specific need. Such specifications should be considered with regards for the intended use of the bag to ensure the proper selection. Size, as mentioned above, is also variable and exact dimensions should be compared to the intended contents rather than volume alone as some items to be stored may be irregularly shaped.

    Looking for a unique custom printed plastic bag for your product? Then you’ve come to the right place! We can customize a poly bag to fit your exact needs. Print your logo, instructions, bar-code, etc. in up to 6 colors. Just choose your size, bag style and send us your art. Get started now by choosing the bag style you are interested in and filling out a request for a quote.  We specialize in extrusion, printing, and converting wholesale custom plastic bags. Printing on plastic bags is done through a process called flexography. Custom Polyethylene bags can be made in all types of sizes and styles. Cheap personalized plastic bags made easy!  Buy printed plastic bags with logos and printed poly bags with your logo at wholesale prices. Custom design your own printed poly bags! Just choose your film material, your printing options, your size, and your bag style… We will do the rest

  • Custom Printed Brand Retail Paper Kraft Re-sealed Bags For Clothing

    Retail Paper Bags

    Printed retail bags help to deliver an elevated brand experience to your customers and brand advocates. They are most commonly used by brick-and-mortar stores selling goods directly to the public, but they can also be used to house gifts, giveaways and one-off purchases at events.

    Your selection of packaging is important on many levels but most importantly it adds value to your merchandise and gives an experience to your customers. You want every transaction to be special and memorable so people will return to your business again and again. In person interaction ends when you hand the shopper their purchases, therefore presentation is important. Whether you are serving customers in a retail setting, hosting trade show traffic or selling your items at a craft fair or outdoor market you most likely need to provide a custom printed paper bag for your customers. Paper bags are a wonderful ecological option as they are durable, recyclable. As the discussion in many areas continues on waste control and environmental concerns paper bags are seen by many as the responsible choice for our planet. Fortunately, there are many options in paper bags from economical SOS and merchandise bags without handles, to high end Euro Totes that can have every aspect of themselves customized from the ribbon handles to the gusset printing. 

    The team here at Color-P can bring all our design knowledge and sector experience into helping you create bespoke shopping bags that complement your brand image and leave a lasting impression on those who buy from you.

    Whether you decide to stick to a simple, logo-driven design or choose to go all-out with a bright, bold, wraparound illustration that makes the most of the space available, you can rest assured that we will provide you with custom printed bags that boast the highest possible print quality.

    Our retail bags are available in a great range of shapes, sizes and materials – so whatever you have in mind, and whatever budget you’re working with, we guarantee we’ll be able to deliver something special.

  • Kfraft Paper Recycled Folding Carton Boxes For Mailing Packaging

    Folding Boxes/Cartons

    Folding Carton Boxes are an excellent cost-effective, and consumer-friendly option for packaging a variety of products. Folding carton boxes are very flexible and compatible with many printing options and new processes. Here at Color-P,we can provide different kinds of customizable paperboard box materials such as white paperboard, kraft, food-grade, CCNB, SBS paperboard and so on.

    Color-P provides an excellent tailormade range of bespoke boxes, suitable for both mail order and retail customers.We want to ensure that your customers get the best packaging quality so that your overall brand image is positive.

    A branded mailing box is a brilliant way of making sure your garments/products arrive safely and securely while providing clear advertisement for everyone that sees it. This kind of custom packaging is sure to add charm to any delivery, especially when special features such as textured boards, laminates and spot UV are added into the mix.

    Whether you are looking for low-cost branded mail order boxes or higher end gift boxes, we can help you create the right container that suits your brand and fits around your products like a glove.

    Whether you want to neatly house your garments and products in branded, printed packaging, or you’re looking to create a custom gift box as part of a promotional strategy, Color-P can provide you with beautifully presented casing for any purpose. 

    Our bespoke gift boxes can be made from recycled or eco-friendly materials and are very durable. These kinds of custom gift packaging options are sure to add charm to any delivery and delight any recipient, especially when special features such as textured boards, laminates and spot UV are added into the mix.

    If you don’t have specific expertise in-house, our experienced artworkers can take your existing assets and turn them into a beautiful, practical and eye-catching custom gift box design that will be sure to level up your branding strategy.

  • Cotton / Ribbon / Polyester / Satin Printed Tapes, Kraft and Vinyl Tapes for Colothing and Packaging


    Color-P can design and print branded tapes that’s adorned with your logo and takes inspiration from your company’s very own colour palette. This kind of tape provides you with a great way to level up your brands.

    All our branded tape is available in a relatively small MOQ, making it an affordable option for smaller businesses and start-ups as well as more established retailers and manufacturers.

    We supply both colothing tapes and packaging tapes: Both can be customised with your choice of graphics, but each product does boast slightly different properties.

    Satin Ribbon Tapes is a good choice for clothing,it can set you apart from the competition,it is even used by upscale gift stores and boutiques as well as leading corporate and wedding planners. And it can be used by you. You can order our printed ribbon with your logo or artwork for product branding, corporate advertising, and retail packaging.

    As the packaging tapes,kraft tape and vinyl tape are most usually used.

    Kraft tape is made from a biodegradable, paper-based solution that can be easily recycled without being separated from the box itself, making it a great investment for the more eco-conscious businesses amongst you. It’s also a great fit for corrugated boxes, thanks not only to its strength, but also its flexibility.

    Vinyl tape, on the other hand, is a much tougher adhesive that keeps its form even when it’s placed under a lot of tension. It adapts well to different climates, making it ideal for manufacturers packing items in cold or chilled environments – and it has a beautiful sheen that’s guaranteed to add a further touch of luxury to your goods.

    If you’re unsure which kind of tape will best meet your needs – or you’re keen to discuss design ideas with our experienced in-house branding specialists – contact Color-P today.

  • Custom Brand Eco-Friendly Paper Clothing Box Packaging Sleeves

    Belly Bands/Packaging Sleeves

    Belly Bands, sometimes known as packaging sleeves, are a minimalistic new way to brand your products, providing your customers with key information while maintaining a low carbon footprint for your company. Send a message to your customers with sustainable belly bands that wrap around your products and offer a high degree of changeability!

    The simplest of things can often be eye-catching. Belly bands or sleeves are used to organize cards into a single sale item. Our Packaging sleeves are uniquely designed to give your product that stylish edge. You can use them to package your products or even invitations, notebooks, Boxes and gifts. They can also be used to provide additional information on the branded products, such as location, directions, or places to stay.

    The belly band sleeves can be personalized to display your name and other details. They are designed to stand out from others in a store. We offer Packagin belly band sleeves that will improve the overall beauty of your product. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that they add style and creativity to your products at a cost that you can afford.

    At Color-P, you can choose to add anything to the bands like your logo, Slogan or any other information you want to add. If there are any additions you wish to make to the band sleeves, such as the UV coating or fooling, design templates or color, feel free to let us know. We will make sure that every detail is paid attention and your band sleeve will be delivered to you in no time.

    Our Packaging sleeves are inexpensive, simple and are designed in such a way that will effectively catch the attention of your clients or customers. Gold Image Printing offers offers additional features to the band such as Foil Stamping, UV coating, Lamination or embossing. You can give us a call if you have any difficulties selecting what you want.

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