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Heat Transfer Label – 100% recyclable with high durability

The first major advantage of heat transfer label is its non-feeling to the skin, zero stimulate chemical material used ensures the quality and safety. Color-P heat transfer labels have distinguished advantages. It greatly reduces the pollution, not only reduce the cost of pollution emissions, but also environmental protection.Pattern design, convenient printing transfer, digital printer, environmentally friendly water-based ink and paper bearing to complete the production of patterns, and then can be transferred to the fabric through the thermal transfer printing equipment.

Color-P’s heat transfer label is a symbol of our pursuit of clothing comfort. Subtle points show highlight quality.


Before, we’ve introduced the production craft, here we’d like to talk about the elements need pay attention during your transferring.

1. Judge the material of the ironing material.

If it is waterproof fabric, the hot melt adhesive of lettering film may not be able to bond the fabric. It is suggested that the customer test whether the sample is bonded or send the fabric to the company for testing by the sales engineer.

2. Judge the elasticity of the ironing material

If it is an elastic fabric, it is not recommended to use PVC lettering film and other tensile lettering film, prone to cracking and other phenomena. Judge the elasticity and application of the ironing material, select the appropriate lettering film products.

3. Three elements during heat transfer

Temperature, time and pressure are three key elements during transfer process.

a. Temperature: mainly plays the role of dissolving and melting in the process of transfer. If add wrap cloth, teflon anti-mucous membrane or silicone pad, on the heating plate, you need increase the stamping temperature of 10-15 degrees based on original ironing temperature.

b. Time: ensure the periodic effect of adhesive dissolution, fusion, and solidification during the transfer processes. If washing test is carried out, wash 24 hours after hot stamping.

c. Pressure: Produce superposition force through the mechanical parts of the lever, make it easy to transfer film and substrate fusion.


Heat transfer parameters will be different because of different equipment, air humidity, etc., We need to take sample test and make sure it’s qualified before mass production.

Post time: May-25-2022