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Keep pace with the time from screen printing to digital printing

As early as 7,000 years ago, our ancestors already had the pursuit of color for clothes they wore. They used iron ore to dye linen, and dyeing and finishing started from there. In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, tie-dye came into being. People had a choice of clothes with patterns, and clothes were no longer monotonous pure colors. Tie-dye could not produce complex patterns, but people began to pursue unusual patterns and styles. And label accessories printing, which is complementary to clothing, is also changing with people’s needs.


In the 1960s, round screen printing came into being, allowing for more complex patterns and mass production; People are not satisfied with the pattern like the plate, but the pace of pursuit of personalized is also out of control, at the same time, there is a deeper understanding of environmental protection, dyeing and finishing, screen printing and circular screen printing, which produce a large amount of waste ink and waste water, are gradually phased out, the emerging digital printing began to dominate.


At present, screen printing is still the mainstream of label printing because of its low cost and wide popularity. Digital printing is constantly rising in special labels, such as neck labels, baby close-fitting labels, patches and other accessories.


Since the digital brush does not need to make plates, it is easy to make complete personal customization. People can customize clothing patches and labels according to their own wishes. For clothing accessories label industry opened a new era. Digital printing includes direct spray printing and heat transfer printing, among which the heat transfer printing technology is relatively mature, and it is more environmentally friendly than the traditional printing and dyeing, at the same time there is no color limit and can make a gradual change effect; The label fabric printed by thermal sublimation transfer printing technology has fine patterns, bright colors, rich and clear levels, high artistic quality and strong three-dimensional sense, which is difficult to be achieved by the general method of printing, and can be printed with photographic and painting style patterns, and can highly restore the picture effect on different label back materials.


Post time: Apr-12-2022