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Screen printing is widely used in ribbon printing, woven tape printing and satin label printing.

Ribbon printing, woven tape printing, satin label printing and other series of products in the production process, will be involved in screen printing process, screen printing is composed of five elements, screen printing plate, scraper, ink, printing table and substrate. The basic principle of screen printing plate is that the graphic part of the screen is ink-permeable and the non-graphic part is ink-proof. When printing, ink is poured onto one end of the screen plate. To apply some pressure on the ink part of the screen printing plate with a scraper, and move towards the other end of the screen printing plate at the same time. The ink would be extruded to the substrates during the movement of the scraper from the graphic part.


Due to the adhesive effect of the ink, the imprinting is fixed within a certain range. In the printing process, the scraper is always in line contact with the screen printing plate and the substrate, and the contact line moves with the scraper. Because the screen printing plate and the substrate maintain a certain gap between the screen printing plate and the substrate, the screen printing plate produces a reaction force on the scraper through its own tension, and this reaction force is called the rebound force. Due to the effect of the rebound, the screen printing plate and substrate is only mobile line contact, and the screen printing plate and other parts of the substrate is out of the state. It makes the ink and screen fracture movement, ensures the printing size accuracy and avoid rubbing substrate. When the scraper across the entire page after lifting, screen printing plate also lifted, and the ink gently scraped back to the initial position. This is a screen printing trip.

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Post time: Oct-10-2022